How it works

Select your solution

From our catalogue choice the right solution for your needs.

You can explore the possibilities of one of your room or you can ask us to furnish or renovate three rooms of your home to give a consistent design to the different environments.

We will provide you the complete list of all the materials, the furniture and the accessories in our design to start your project and if you need more help, we can help you to implement your project.
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Take the picture

Take pictures of your room and then use our powerful tool of images elaboration to modify them directly before uploading. You can add your notes directly on the picture to let us know all the important details.

Attach the room plan

Upload the room plan with all the details you can. Take the dimension carefully: more you are accurate now more the final design will be.

If the room is not linear, take a measurement of each single piece and report them to the plan. Use a tape measure to be more accurate.

Don’t forget to add also the ceiling height and all other details. We will use them to provide a rendering more accurate and we can provide you with suggestions on how to maximize the ceiling height.
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Tell us about you

Answer to the quick questions and help us to understand your taste and your desiderata.

Use the note field to tell us your needs, limitations or budget, tell us if you are the house owner or if you are living there only temporarily, if you are fine with permanent works such as plasterboard dividers or masonry.

We will keep in touch with you for any needs.

Pay on line

Do it securely: we relay on the most advanced security standard.
You can choice to pay with your credit card or PayPal: we accept all the on line payment methods and we don’t charge any fee to our clients. We take care of the transaction fee.

We don’t collect directly and we don’t save any payment details from our clients and all the transactions are performed with a restricted area for your and our security.
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